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Features for Landlords

Post a Free Listing

Have a Room or Property to Let? Posting Room/Property Listings are FREE and will always stay FREE. Post as many listings for as many rooms and properties for FREE. Listings are central to attracting Tenant Leads and in turn your listing becomes a lead itself for searching Tenants. Listings are advertised for up to 90 days before they expire. You can easily re-activate listings from your dashboard with a single mouse click.

If you have many individual rooms to let in the same property then just complete one property listing, enter the information for each room and we will automatically create separate listings, one for the property as a whole to attract groups and then individual listings for each room saving you time and effort. This will multiply your opportunities in attracting tenant leads!

Potentially Hundreds of Tenants Contacting You for FREE

Posting a listing means you have direct access to a rapidly growing Tenant base looking for their next property or room. Tenants can contact you direct through your listings so you can start receiving leads through messages, phone calls and Facebook as Tenants start contacting you for more information, viewings and if your listings are clear and informative expect many to want to move in straight away!

Start Instant Communication with Hundreds of Tenant for FREE

Posted a Free Listing in seconds then great! You can now start contacting hundreds if not thousands of Tenants for FREE. You have direct access to communicate with and convert hundreds of Tenant leads for FREE saving you time, effort and money in identifying and closing tenancies.

What’s more you don’t even have to be registered or have posted a listing to contact Tenants. Just go to the Tenant Requests section and check out all their requests and give them a shout if you meet their requirements!

Test the Interest in your Properties for FREE

After you have posted your FREE room/property listing – see how many leads you get as Tenants start to express interest. Tenants can contact you direct through your chosen contact method meaning you can not only just be attracting leads, but be able to convert them leads into lets and you don’t even have to pay a penny!

Auto Circulate

Once your listing is active, our unique algorithms kick in and auto circulate your listing to not only Tenants who match your assigned Hashtags, but also our Wider Network which includes Social Media, our Contacts and an Exclusive Database that is growing daily. Furthermore, any future tenant requests matching Hashtags set in your property listings are automatically directed to you and you to them. This unique feature exclusive to us saves you time and effort and lets you concentrate on converting leads into lets

Receive Leads

You can register to receive immediate Leads of Tenant Requests helping you fill those rooms and properties quicker. You don’t even have to have a listing posted to use this feature. For more details about Leads click here. [Maybe have a pop up box that details the Benefits of Registration that I listed previously]

Unique Matching Feature

Our unique matching feature auto matches Tenant requests with your listings giving you clear indications as to which leads we think are excellent matches, good matches and worth a call so you can easily filter leads and prioritise which ones to follow up and in which order

Exclusive Leads

Our system intercepts any new Tenant requests that match requirements of properties advertised by our Landlords & Agents who have joined our exclusive list. Being on the exclusive list means you get priority on these leads before they are made available to all. Exclusive Leads are sent as priority emails and instant push notifications to give you a clear advantage in filling your properties which is especially important in competitive markets such as student lets.

Only limited spaces are available on the exclusive list at a cost of only £19.99 for 28 days and once they are taken the list is closed and only opens again when the number of Tenant requests reaches a certain threshold. This ensures that those on the exclusive list receive the most value possible and increase their chances of converting high quality tenant leads faster

Instant Alerts

As your listings are circulated, the auto match feature kicks in and as leads are on the way to you, you receive instant alerts as on your dashboard and if you choose then also your personal email and as push notifications through desktop and mobile. Alerts make you immediately aware of interest in your rooms and properties so you can follow up these leads and start converting them pronto.

Download a List

This unique feature means you can search, filter and then download a list of Tenant leads letting you follow them up with ease and simplicity on desktop or mobile. You can tick off who you contacted to avoid confusion. Scan a QR code generated with each list allowing you to store the list on your phone so you can follow up leads on the go.

Exclusive Landlord/ Agent Page

This great feature allows you to have your own webpage on our platform that can showcase all your rooms and properties instantly unlocking the marketing benefits our system provides. You get to market and manage all your listings from a central page including managing tenancies, reservation and bookings, receiving holding fees and deposits, uploading supporting documents like HMO certificates, gas certs etc and many many more features. What’s more all those who have their own page get exclusive deals and discounts or features and services not available to anyone else.

Housemate/Buddy Up Requests Free to Contact

Housemate/Buddy Up Requests are always free to contact providing a free stream to identify, attract and convert leads to fill your properties. Identify flatmates who may be searching for others to team up with, and if you think you can assist them in that process because you know of or have current tenants in your properties matching the profile required then why not let them know.

Free Tips and Advice to attract more leads

All room/property listings receive personalised tips and advice on how to improve their adverts and attract more leads.

Effective Lead Generation from our Social Network

Let leads come in from our rapidly growing social network on Facebook with city specific Facebook groups having thousands of members with many of them tenants searching for their next property or room. You can showcase property listings in these groups and our clever programs will auto direct users to your listings on our platform. You can also see if your property listings are ‘trending’ amongst our social network user base giving you vital insights into the popularity of your listings.

Quick and Simple

We want to make lettings simple and that means easy and simple to attract leads. Posting a FREE listing takes only 20 seconds and can be posted easily through your phone, tablet or PC. You can embed a Facebook Post of an advert you already placed on Facebook or you can copy and paste a link directing tenants to another place like your own website.

If you prefer to create a listing from scratch then Images of your properties can be dragged and dropped from your desktop into your listings and listing designs are visual yet simple and highlight key features so you can start attracting as many leads as possible.

We make it easy to post a listing whether you have individual rooms, flats or houses to let and if you wish to attract leads that include tenants such as student groups or a family, that’s easily done also.

Wider Choice

Being a dedicated platform for everything lettings coupled with our commitment and investment in attracting and encouraging tenants to use our platform in posting their requirements means you have access to a wide range of tenant leads from a variety of profiles providing you every opportunity to fill your properties faster and for the best rental income possible.

Fast Results

Get your rooms and properties filled quickly using our platform as leads come in thick and fast!

We want to make lettings simple and fast for everyone, an aim that has guided the design of the listings and the features and services we provide. We want our platform to be known for 24 hour lettings so the additional features we will be releasing and the services that we will be adding are around the objective of fast, faster, fastest!

Safe & Secure

Security of our users is our top priority. All listings are monitored to ensure accurate information is advertised. We encourage all advertisers to follow our safety tips which are sent through email and as notification prompts when on our site.

We will soon be releasing a number of verification features for rooms /properties being advertised but will allow landlords and agents to have a choice whether they wish to employ them on their listings.

Global Reach

Our reach is increasingly becoming global with contacts across the globe including in China, UAE and Nigeria meaning you get to convert leads before tenants such as International students arrive to start their studies. Last academic year thousands of students including near 1200 Chinese students confirmed their lets through our network before they even arrived in the country to start their studies!

Maximum Exposure

Your property adverts will get maximum exposure as we continue to build exclusive links in University campuses, housing associations and expand our ever growing global partner network attracting even more tenants so we get you more high quality leads faster than anywhere else

Best prices for life for first 10,000

The first 10,000 registered Landlords and Agents who post a Room/Property listing will get guaranteed best prices on all deals we offer in our deals centre for life. This is a unique opportunity not to be missed; once we hit 10,000 then this offer will never be repeated ever again!

Coming Soon

Coming soon we have an exciting line up of features & services that will revolutionize online lettings. Our features will help attract and convert even more leads, assist in the whole letting life cycle from initiation to completion of a tenancy and everything that goes in between from property management to property renovations. We have a 12 month plan to roll out all our services with a significant investment and key partners from different industries playing a leading role.

Just a little snapshot of some of the key releases coming soon:

  • A mobile App release that includes enabling Landlords and Agents to chat with searching Tenants in real time.
  • Exclusive features on listings to help convert leads into instant lets
  • Pioneering Deals Centre with individualised offers for Landlord & Agents
  • UK wide verified Tradesmen Directory and Lettings Service Providers
  • Dedicated Landlord & Agent Pages with more exclusive features
  • Update properties seamlessly between advertising vacant properties instantly on our platform and managing let properties in your own private space on the platform
  • Wide range of individualised services in advertising & marketing, property management, rent management, property renovations & maintenance many offered through strategic partnerships with leading players in lettings industry & much much more!

Looking for a Tenant to fill a Room/Property?Need a Room/Property? or Looking for a Housemate/Buddy Up?

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